A sea urchin



“Echinozoa is a subphylum of free-living echinoderms in which the body is essentialy globoid with meriodional symmetry.  They lack arms, brachioles, or other appendages, and do not at any time exhibit pinnate structure”. 

We expect that you out there having admired, absorbed and assimilated the above text are now yearning to be able to write something similar. In order to do this we suggest you spend 3 years at university reading zoology , a further 2 years to get an MA in marine biology followed by 4 or so years to get a Phd on some aspect of echinoderms. Then you will be able write texts like the above which are 100% accurate and incomprehensible to 99.99999 % of the population.

So be it.

This is a nice sea urchin.  Stick it on your bathroom shelf.

Circumference about 33 cm 



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