Not a Newlyn Pin Dish


Now listen up folks.  We at Cybergrot know that a combination of beaten copper with a motif that is bordering on the fishy can shout Newlyn School and command astronomical prices.  This wee pin tray we think has more modest origins and a very careful examination of the back reveals a signature which we are unable to read plus a date… probably 1958.

It’s an unambitious piece that will deeply upset anyone with expert knowledge of echinoderms belonging to the class Asteroidea for the simple reason that strictly speaking starfish have only 5 arms while this one has six.  Fie o fie, why can’t artists get things right?

About 12 cm in length

 P.S. we have just had an email from one P.Picasso who says.

“I agree entirely with the above sentiment and as you may know I took particular trouble to make all my creations as realistic and lifelike as I could.”

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