Are you a small fish fancier?


Well you small fish-fanciers we have for some time been a bit worried about you and it now seems we have good reason.  And it is not the reason some of you dirty minded lot out there might have expected.  

Yes, we have discovered that keeping fish in an aquarium can give rise to Mycobacterium Marinum Infections.  The symptoms are chest and epigastric (?) pain.

Our first picture gives you a glimpse of a scan of the aorta of one thus smitten. In our view this is alarming similar to picture 2.  This, shows a delightful small fish which we guarantee will not infect you in any way whatsoever and will only harm you if it accidentally falls on your head some such. 

Pictures 3 and 4 show it in its true colours.  A lovely thing probably from Murano.

4½- 5 inches across.


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