Feeling Crabby?


Feeling Crabby?

Don’t do what they do in the USA and get a crab for a pet ‘they have less personality than a dolphin but they are never crabby and are quite unshellfish – and you can feed them on peanut butter, jelly, dog food, cereal, lettuce and fruit.’  

Instead buy this delectable crab pot, and all your secret cravings to commune with decapod crustaceans will be satisfied.

And you can put things in it.  What things?  Well, you know - things – bent drawing pins, spent matches, ½p coins long since obsolete,  the little bit of plastic that fell of something you know not what but you think you ought to keep it just in case – those things. 

Or crab paste. This pot is in a reasonably grubby state and we cannot guarantee that it is fit for food – you might well get a good dollop of food poisoning thrown in.  Now that would make you crabby. 

4 inches across


Perfect condition structurally but a few bits of paint missing.

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