A Dingy Dinghy


A Dingy* Dinghy

Ahoy there me hearties – this charming nameless ole wreck needs to be sent to sit in the nautical corner – to contemplate its imperfections. It is old, grubby, dusty, torn, with sails and cordage adrift and some of its timbers are decidedly shivered. 

Constructed of wood with cloth sails and cat-gut (fresh from the cat we fear) rigging it is somewhat lacking in fine detail – not a block or baggywrinkle to be seen, and no busty out-front ladies either.

And if you lift this off its stand and pop it on the pond our guess is that it will quickly end up full fathom five in Davy Jones’ locker.

However while it is definitely junk (as opposed to a junk which due to the indefinite article it definitely is not) it has buckets of charm – it’s a nice thing – well we like it anyway.

The references to cordage, rigging, blocks and baggywrinkles are pure bluff – we know nothing about this stuff. The tape measure tells us that it is about 17 inches from nose to tail and about 16 inches from hat to shoe – a bit more if you include its stand. 

Visit the drunken sailor in the price negotiator’s cabin, give him a tot of rum and make an offer he can’t refuse.

*Dingy - Kentish dialect - '"dirty" of uncertain origin, but probably related to dung' – yes, well…….we are not arguing with that.



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