Desperate Voyage by John Caldwell


The course of true love and all that..

This is the tale of an idiot who was married in Australia in 1945 and left for Panama after a 3-day honeymoon.  A year later and he was so keen to get back to his bride he decided to sail there – a mere 9,000 or so miles – on his own with no sailing or navigational experience. No, none, none whatsoever.   

A good yarn that will make a yachtsperson scream quite a lot, a cynic will reach for the sick-bag and a romantic reach for the tissues…. 

It’s a Readers Union publication 1952 with a stylish dust jacket – slightly nibbled –we assume by small fish, and a bit discoloured – we hope by age. 

The book is in good condition.

174 pages of good reading.

5½ x 8¼ inches.



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