An Ancient Horn


This is a very wonderful thing…. When we first came across it we thought it might be a drinking horn, or even a gunpowder horn – but no!  It has a hole in the end – so this is undoubtedly a horn of the type Robin Hood would have used to call his merry men!

We have no idea of the date – we suspect it is 19th /early 20th century –  maybe a film prop or for fancy dress, but it could be much, much older.

It has a metal band round the rim – sadly coming adrift, a metal band round its middle (part missing) and a metal mouthpiece – intact but a bit loose.

These metal bits have rather pleasing hand done hammered decorations.  There is an old piece of string still attached.

Hard to measure a thing like this but from mouthpiece to rim it is about 12 – 13 inches (as the crow flies).

We believe this to be a unique object, it has charm, it needs repair and a good and loving home.  We think the asking price is fair but if you think it is over-blown why not visit our price negotiator?

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