A Bugle


A bugle is a small trumpet-like thing that has no valves.

This is a bugle.  

The person who sounds it is a bugler and is not to be confused with the person who steals it who is a burglar:  if we continue with this drift we may well be accused of things we wot not of…..

(Take deep breath and start again)

This bugle is pleasingly bashed; it is made of copper with brass trimmings, and it has the regulation little chain to stop the mouth piece from going awol.

We are making no claims for it – although it is clearly old,

dented, well bashed and possibly patched.There is no makers mark and no regimental badges. 

The cord that once ended in dangly tassels*now winds limply around it presumably wondering where said tassels have gone.

However let's look on the bright side - although raspberry-blowing is not our forte but we have managed to make it work…..and how!

So buy this and start parping……..

P.S. It's about 12 inches long.

* Although we at cybergrot regard tassels to be almost without exception completely pointless and stupid, we promise that we are not responsible for their mysterious absence on the above article.

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