A very small violin



The story goes that great French painter Ingres used to play his violin badly to his visitors instead of showing them his pictures. This has lead to the expression Violon d’Ingres – meaning a pastime that is not the one for which one is famous.

Why are we telling you this? Well, we are trying to distract you from the fact that this vile – lin is truly ghastly: badly made and broken to boot…It is also far too small to play, so it is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Its G-string is not broken but we doubt if an air could be played on it. The A string refuses to be wound and the bridge is somewhat damaged, the bow strings cannot be tighten: from all this is you may have gathered that this is something neither to admire nor to fiddle with… But with a bit of love and attention we reckon it could at least be made to look okay – we cannot vouch for the sound – and might well adorn a doll or teddy-bear display, be handy in a shop window, or make an amusing leaving gift for a musical colleague… so you see the possibilities are endless. And as we hate it so much we have priced it really seductively…

Length 14 inches. Case and bow included.




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