Thistle Brooch


It’s time to scotch* those rumours that everything on Cybergrot is only fit for the dustbin. Skillfully crafted from purest metal and artfully coloured with enamel paint - this’le tickle your fancy!

*There are various meanings of the word scotch: one is  ‘economical’ – we however have used it to mean ‘hinder or prevent’.

It also means to cut with shallow incisions or to slash.

For example here is how to dress a chubb:

‘Give him three or four scotches or cuts on his back with your knife and broil him on charcoal’ (Izaac Walton – Compleat Angler – 1653)

And here is how to dress a chump*

‘Give him this stylish Scotch brooch to wear on his front ………’ (Cybergrot)

*A chump is short, thick lump or block of wood, - can be used to mean ‘blockhead’.

(That’s enough definitions for today – editor)



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