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This splendid coin (an Austrian 20 Kreuzer) is dated 1805 and some bright spark has had it mounted in silver adorned with what we believe to be garnets (well who puts glass into a silver mount eh?) or possibly rubies (dream on).

The assay mark is Chester (rare!) 1902

All you need is a heaving and ample bosom on which to pin it.


The small print

The coin is quite well worn (and indeed would be better worn if you were wearing it) and is not in mint condition. The lettering reads Franc.II.(that is Francis II – the then king) D.G.ROM (not to be confused with CD Rom) ET HAER.AUST.IMP. GER.HUN.BOH.REX.AA.(emperor of Austria, king of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia and member of the AA) D.LOTH.VEN.SAL 1805.*

There is a B under the bust – this is the mint mark – it means it was coined in Kremnitz in Hungary – (about as silly as post codes eh – why not put K?)

The even smaller print
Basically in good condition but we think there may be a couple of small sections of the silver filigree missing. Also if you look carefully at the photo there is also a broken chain – could be fixed..

 * Okay, okay we know the world is heaving with pedants who will delight in giving us chapter and verse. So to save them the trouble here is what it actually means (more or less)

Francis II, by the grace of God Emperor of the Romans and hereditary Emperor of Austria, King of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia, Archduke of Austria, Duke of Lorraine, Venice and Salzburg.

The title ‘Emperor of the Romans’ was abolished with the official dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire in 1806, following the Battle of Austerlitz in December 1805. This was to prevent Napoleon who was doing rather well at the time from taking the title for himself.



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