Enamelled mules


Why anyone would want to hang a pair of mules* from their ears we have no idea but what our SOLD section (Gone – but still here) has taught us is that there are some seriously strange people out there.

Join them.  Buy these

Enamelled metal – very retro, very smart.

For pierced ears


*Okay so everyone knows that there are two types of mule – one has 4 legs and a bad temper, the other is a heel-less shoe that is mildly irritating. Ours, as our photo will attest, is the latter.

The name for this type of footwear derives from the French word ‘mules’ meaning chilblains – in this instance for chilblains sited on the heel.

And if you don’t know what a chilblain is your central heating is up too high – shame on you.

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