Jade Beads



Ooooh Jade!  Goody

Eighteen  real jade beads… not plastic… not glass…. but jade…. in purest green………

Jade is an imprecise name for an ornamental stone that comes in two forms (nephrite and jadeite) but both are made of silicate minerals.

Nephrite jade is a form of actinolite (a silicate mineral, aggregates of which also make up one form of asbestos).

Jadeitite consists almost entirely of a sodium- and aluminium-rich pyroxene (silicate minerals)

Do we care? No we don’t.

In gemstone therapy it is said that jade 'stimulates creativity and mental agility on the one hand, while also having a balancing and harmonising effect.'

We don’t care about that either.

So having unwittingly offended both the chemistry fraternity and the alternative medicine brigade we are relying on the rest of you to buy these delightful items and string ‘em up…. while we string up the staff member who wrote the above text.


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