Radio Times Coronation 1953


This copy of the Radio Times for the Coronation of 1953 sold 9 million copies – so if you have not already got one you are really missing out.  However we suspect that the majority ended up on a piece of string in the outside privy or at the bottom of the budgie cage so now these are relatively rare.

Originally priced at a hefty 3D we are offering this classic piece of Royal memorabilious (yes we do mean that) for a paltry £10 (offers considered).

As you are doubtless well aware this is the first Radio Times cover to be in full colour after the War…….. having said that we have to confess that some owner has left this in the sun (boo, shame) and all the green has disappeared and even the red is vestigial. Nevertheless, Eric Fraser’s spiffing design on the cover and the lovely period contents make this a must-have collectable. 

Complete, somewhat worn, but acceptable.

Radio times size (ish). 52 pages.



Sold Out

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