Christening Mug


A silver-plated mug for a baby?

This is – we think – a silver plated Christening mug made by WMF Wurttembergische Metallwaren Fabrik  – a very famous German firm founded in 1853. The mark is to be found on the handle. It might be solid silver but probably not – WMF were good at plate!

The repoussé work picture is a tad mysterious – a man wearing pyjamas(?) and slippers seems to be borne aloft by a couple of large birds – storks or cranes maybe? Perhaps some nice person out there could let us know what is going on.

We have declined to clean this mug as shiny things are so hard to photograph but with a bit of polish this could look a treat…. What a nice present for a small baby.

We guess this is early 20th century.

Height 2½ inches, diameter just over 2¼ inches.

Our price negotiator has a soft spot for babies - you might get an even better bargain if you ask nicely.

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