Not quite a Venus Pudica


Strictly speaking, as any fool knows, a ‘Venus Pudica’* has one hand attempting to cover her top naughty bits and the other hand not quite covering her lower dittos…(“never heard them called that before” – editor). So this is not quite a Venus Pudica.  And anyway she is so busy covering up her front she has completely forgotten to cover up her backside (see photo below)

Whatever, every home should have one and ours, being we believe, cast from marble dust is cheap and cheerful and will jolly up that niche in your bathroom nicely and we suggest she is placed in front of a mirror for full effect.

About 8 inches high.

*for those of you puzzling over this. pudica is Latin and means chaste, modest, virtuous and pure – but it derives from pudenda -  female external genitalia)


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