A Raunchy Little Cream Jug


The iconography of this scrumptious little cream jug has got us baffled – yes – we who are normally the fount of all knowledge, the repository of expertise, the cellar of miscellany - are stumped.

The spout of this little gem is supported by a smirking satyr with goat’s horns.  On one side cherubs cavort amongst twisting vines and erect ripened corn, on the other side the cherubs seem to have got involved with a couple of rather droopy swans – the bull-rushes bow their heads, likewise the ears of corn…

There seems to be a definite ‘before’ and ‘after’ theme here – but why the swans eh? Satyrs are usually associated with drunken revelling – but not so little cherubs.  All very puzzling…

Pass the cream to your Aunty Gladys in this and see if she notices.

Its rim seems to have been damaged in 2 places and very expertly repaired.  We think this because when you hold it up to the light the jug is translucent but the repairs are not. There are no marks on the base.

Our guess is that it is continental (well Queen Victorian et Al would not have been amused by this) and dates from the second half of the 19th century, and that it is made in what is known as Parian ware.

About 3½ inches high.

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