Household Physician


Of all the delightful books on offer in this is the perhaps the most MUST HAVE volume of all.

Virtue’s Household Physician – a twentieth century medica

A practical description in plain language of all the diseases of men, women and children

Volume 5 (where volumes 1- 4 have gone we know not.)

You would think wouldn’t you that just buying Volume 5 would limit the diseases you could catch to those starting with – say -  the letters P – R… so if you got an attack of gout or mange you would be in trouble? But fret not – this is not the case at all. This mysterious volume (which has no contents page – no it is not missing, there never was one) starts with Physical Culture (see photos below), continues with Phrenology and then suddenly launches into a Veterinary section which lasts for the rest of the book. How odd is that? 

I would be tempted to write to Hubert E Buffum, M.D. one of the distinguished corps (no ‘e’ sadly) of eminent specialists who acted as consultants for this tome, and ask him why a book entitled Household Physician is largely given over to discussion of spasmodic colic in horses and heaves or broken wind in cattle, but as the book was published in 1905 doubtless he has now acquired the missing ‘e’ and joined is colleagues in the celestial consulting room.

Size 7¼ x 10 inches (approx)

Condition of the pages is not too bad, but the cover is fairly revolting.

The high price we are asking is a joke - make us an offer.

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