A very old Sampler


We feel it is incumbent upon us to remind you that you are looking at a site called CYBERGROT.com.   We sell Grot.  So when you purchase this lovely ole sampler don’t come moaning to us about the stains caused by damp, the fading due to exposure to sunlight, the dirt accrued by extreme old age, and do not complain about the holes created by hungry woodlice.

This is a very old, very sad sampler, the work of one Rebecca Hudson (that will get golfing enthusiasts excited) .  Date? We know not but guess it was done in the first half of the 19th century.

There are two homilies displayed – authors unknown.  

It would probably benefit from a professional clean…. We however would leave it as it is….. we like grubby

18 x 23 inches (including frame)

Sorry about the hefty postage – the item is heavy and we have guessed it. If it comes in at less we will refund the difference.

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