A Sugar Scuttle


We decided to let our resident pedant loose on this one:

“of course the word scutella is a diminutive of scultra which is Latin for shallow pan and – from this we get the word scuttle which is a a deep bucket for carrying coal. And then of course there is the nautical meaning – a scuttle on a ship is an opening with a lid either on the ship’s deck or in its side. However if it is verbs you are after - to scuttle your ship you deliberately hole it or open its seacocks to let water in … and then there is also what a mouse does across the kitchen floor……..”

(Editor: That’s quite enough pedantry thank you)


This thing is made of electroplated Britannia metal (the heavy stuff that Oscars are made of – but those are gold plated of course).  Our scuttle was once silver plated but it has largely worn off.

Still it is a a charming thing and it looked great filled with chocolate buttons, however sadly we ate them before the camera person arrived.

The scoop is intact and fits neatly into the back handle…. This should at least postpone its loss.

About 7 inches long

Almost certainly Edwardian – possibly Victorian… we can’t read the marks as we have mislaid our book

Well loved and rubbed.

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