Elizabeth Keirle - her exercise book


Elizabeth Keirle we know you are out there!  This is an exercise book written by your ancestor in the late 1870s early 1880s (we believe this to be true but we have had some problems reading EKs curly writing) 

In it you will find a charming mixture of recipes, poems, homilies and so on indispersed with a plethora of exciting empty pages (slightly foxed). The empty pages probably relate to the time she was moving house from 2 Waverley Road, Harrow Road, Paddington to 8 Jonson Mews Harrow Road6 St Stephens Road1 Dawson Place

“Please excuse all blots and blunders for when it runs it……………”.well you can see what comes next below

6 x 8 inches (ish)

Not bad condition considering…….

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