Old Fireman's Helmet


The first thing we ever sold on Cybergrot was a fireman’s helmet so it gives us great pleasure to be able to offer a second one. 

Styled in egg-yolk yellow - this has to be the fashion accessory of the year.  Ooh how stylish.  You could wear it to ladies' day at Ascot, to your daughter’s wedding, or to that garden party at the Palace. The possibilities are finite and of course we cannot guarantee that someone else will not be wearing something similar.

The sticker-style badge at the front is largely missing but you can still make out the word Northamptonshire on it.  If we were going to wear it to a queen’s garden party we would replace this badge with something a trifle more apposite – “I’m Hot” (if you are of course) or some-such.

Size: small.

Condition: worn and well bashed. The yellow covering is grazed and crazed.  Section of black tape missing.  

Flammable – keep away from fire.

Sartorial elegance does not come cheap and we reckon the asking price for this one is very realistic. If you think otherwise why not visit our Manager's Office where you will find our price negotiator?




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