Bunkers - Shove Ha'penny game


Why would anyone want to buy this?  Well …. It is a very rare survival from, we believe the 1930s – a sort of domestic version of the traditional pub game called Shove Ha’penny.  Though why it has been entitled BUNKERS goodness only knows.  And no we are not going to lecture you about the rules – which we do not know, understand or want to…….  The rules are included – work it out for yourself

All we can say is that this consists of an ex-box (2 sheets of cardboard) containing 2 sheets of cardboard (The “Bunkers” board and the score board).   All the ha’pennys  and counters are all missing – supply your own - go on why not?

To keep the “Bunkers” board in condition, a dressing of French chalk (not included) is recommended.

Measures 14 x 9 inches






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