A very old, very humble Candlestick



This poor old candlestick has certainly seen better days – or should we say nights. The flame of its life is virtually extinguished as it has been used almost to extinction. Just take a peek at the solder underneath. This solder has been applied (badly) in an attempt (failed) to cover, nay – join up – the holes in the base. Not successful.

It has a nifty handle (still firmly attached), a slide thingy (still working) to help you eject the old candle stump and a mysterious prong that we assume was to hold the candle snuffers (missing).

We think it is made of some low grade brass – the outside is more brassy than the inside.

Let’s get this straight. This is not an object fit for a queen (okay we mean Queen), it is a workaday thing, either from a humble household or from the servants quarters.

Well used, well bashed, holes in the base, dirty, discoloured… and really rather nice.

Height of stick 4½ inches, width of tray 7 inches.

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