Old Socks?


Do we sell old socks on Cybergrot.com? 

Of course we do.

However you can rest assured that although these socks are indeed second-hand (or should we say second-foot?) they have never actually been worn and are still in their (slightly crumpled) original packet.

We think there is something a bit peculiar about wearing socks with pictures of dolphins on them – but by having no toes, socks do sort of convert feet into flippers don’t they?  Or maybe these are illustrating that well-known saying ‘The best fish swim near the bottom.’ But in that case, strictly speaking, they should be on other undergarments entirely.  Whatever, we are not going to make any more jokes about fish because, as any fool knows, dolphins are mammals.

They are approximately ladies size 5-6.  We are selling them as a pair. 



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