18th century apothecary's prescription 3


18th Century Prescription 3

This apothecary’s prescription was made out on Dec. 20th 1796 – for a Mr Scholey

Minutes of research and we think we have come up with the goods

Item 1 – Tincture Thebaica – this was another term for tincture of opium – more commonly known as laudanum (it looks as if Mr Scholey was not looking forward to Christmas much.)

Item 2 – Tinctura Guaiaci – this was prescribed for gout (it looks as if Mr Scholey was not looking forward to Christmas at all.)

Item 3 – Tinctura Lavandula composite – this was prescribed for flatulence, hysteria, gastric uneasiness, nausea and general languor and faintness (we think he was saving this for after Christmas.)

The condition is worn – some discolouration of the page and nibbled edges.  Two holes where has been stuck on a spike.  In fact it is so delicate that we have had to make a top quality print of it, and it is this that we are selling – so good you can hardly tell the difference.  Hence the ridiculously low price.

It measures about 6½ inches by 8 inches.

If you visit the price negotiator on this one…. Be warned ….. his mood will vary according to the state of his medication.






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