18th century apothecary's prescription 1


This apothcary’s prescription was made out on Sept 7 1796 – for a Mr Birch.

The apothecary’s signature is a squiggle – funny isn’t it how things don’t change?

We have managed to unravel some of the text and it seems that this was for Tincture Rhei – which is made of rhubarb –with a side order of cardamom.

It seems that this tincture was for flatulence, colic, dyspepsia, constipation and to restore the bowel after the removal of worms.

So if you know anyone with any of the above ailments, what more perfect present?

The condition is a bit dodgy – some of the tincture may have been dropped on it (at least we hope that is what the mark is) – it is discoloured especially towards the edge, the corners are a bit squished and there are a couple of holes – the larger one in the middle where, having been dispensed the paper was stuck on a spike.

What is truly wonderful is that a thing like this has survived over 200 years but is now in such a delicate condition that we have decided to have a top-quality print made of it on hand-made paper and this is what we are offering for sale.

It measures about 6½ inches by 8 inches.



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