A not very useful thing


Now here is a list of irrefutable facts:

1)   Fans of cybergrot.com are highly intelligent people

2)   Father Christmas stops coming when you are over 16 years old

3)   Some silly adults carry on where FC left off – filling stockings for  their adult children/spouses/parents etc.

4)   A good Christmas stocking has lots of interesting things poking  out of the top.


Those of you who have above average observational skills will have inspected our photo and spotted the following:

1)     An artificial rose complete with fake water droplets

2)     A paper umbrella* (!) (second cousin of a chocolate teapot we assume)

3)     A thing for squashing potatoes

4)     A silver squirly thing.

For the last in the list see our second photo …. Very nice ……. Made of wood (or wood-style substitute), painted silver (not particularly well) and you can hang it on the wall with two handy hangy things on the back


Measures 17½ inches long (ish). 

*Some miserable pedant has just written in saying that our paper umbrella is actually a parasol. We refute this allegation – absolutely. Whatever …. You can find it for sale elsewhere on this site….


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