A Glass of Guinness?


Ha! You thought this was a real glass of Guinness didn’t you?  Well it ain’t.  We at Cybergrot.com have learned the hard way that entrusting full glasses of any kind of liquid to Her Majesty’s postal service is not an entirely good idea. 

Given therefore that this is a very life-like plastic replica… we must now spell out for you its weakness and its strength…. 

Weakness.  This has clearly been unceremoniously wrenched from some sort of bar installation or something… the its bottom is somewhat unappealing (see photo below)  (“No comment about bottoms please”: editor.) and it has a sort of thingy sticking out of its back (see final photo) 

Strength.  This item is hollow and would be ideal for the insertion of a Christmas wad of cash (or other present) – for your hard-up offspring or spouse who is keen on the black stuff. 

5½ inches high

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