Le Coin du Feu de la Bonne Maman


This wee book is an original fourth edition printed in 1821. It really has very little going for it – but could we bring ourselves to chuck it into the recycling box to be turned ignominiously into lavatory paper?  No we couldn’t. 

Okay so what’s wrong with it?

It’s in French

It’s Volume 2 (of 2) – where Volume 1 is we know not.

It is covered in grubby green cloth (probably original)

It claims to have douze illustrations while we can only find quatre.

So what is about? It seems to be 215 pages of short stories and playlets but we are making no promises on the assumption that the buyer of this tome will already know this or alternatively not care. And Wikipedia suggests that “bonne femme” probably means “bone man?” Well, well, well, no surprises there then.

Measuring a measly 3½ x 5½ you could easily slip this into your breeches pocket…. Or indeed a Christmas stocking.

There must be someone out there who would like to give this poor little ole book a good home – we have priced it to go and you are welcome to haggle.



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