Quick - put this date in your diary


Quick – put this date in your diary: 23 September 2090

This is the date of the next total eclipse to be visible in the UK.  It will be close to sunset and will be seen at its best in Cornwall and Devon.  So get in first and book that holiday now.  And of course you must stock up on these super ‘Sunnies’

Now as you know we at Cybergrot are prone to tell the truth and the fact is that we cannot promise if you view the sun through these you will not be smitten with instant blindness – that is a risk that only you can take.  They were quite likely made for the eclipse of 30 June 1954 when eclipse viewing technology was barely past the smoked glass phase.  Alternatively we suggest these could be the most must have accessory to wear to a 1950s party.  Our guess is that the assembled company will gasp and say ‘how wizard’ a lot.

Lovely yellow plastic and in original (slightly damaged) plastic box.


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