A Brass Boot


This is just what you have always been looking for – a brass boot.  Sooo useful……sooooo pretty…. Put it on your mantelpiece for your friends to admire…….

Of course you could always use it for symbolic purpose: to give someone the boot means:

a) You stop employing them: 'he gave the waiter the boot for picking his nose in front of the customers.' This is sometimes referred to as ‘The Order of the Boot’

b) You end a romantic relationship with someone: 'She gave him the boot because he never washed his feet.'

You must know someone that fits one (or maybe even both) of these two categories!

And then of course a boot is also a symbol of good luck or good fortune – we think this derives from its Old English origins (see below)

This boot is of the hob-nail variety (see photo of base) It would have been reasonably ill-fitting as there are no laces.  Come to think of it – it would not fit at all as it is a mere 2¼ inches long.  We are very puzzled by it as it has a mysterious slot at the back that is clearly intentional and not due to damage. 

Come on you knowledgeable folks out there – if you know what it was for please tell us….

We will give you free postage on this item to boot!*

* For those of a scholarly disposition – the Old English word bot means ‘advantage’ or ‘good profit’.  A quick reminder of one of the laws of King Ethelred (978-1016) I am sure you will agree is most revealing….. 

“But let God's law be henceforth zealously loved, by word and deed, then will God soon be merciful to this nation: and let frithes-bot1 and feos-bot2 everywhere in the country, and burh-bot3 on every side, and bric-bot4, and the fyrdung5 also be diligently attended to, according to what is always prescribed when there is need”

Footnotes for the ignorant:

1)      Frith-bot = amendment of peace; payment to atone for breach of peace.

2)      Feos-bot = amendment of the coinage.

3)      Burh-bot = the landowner's obligation to repair local defences.

4)      Bric-bot = one of the three obligations of ownership of, and the repair of bridges.

5)      Fyrdung = armaments

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