An Oxymoron?


A Susie Cooper Tea Cup and Saucer.

Here we have a broken Susie Cooper cup – in the ‘Everlasting Life’ pattern. Conceptually speaking we think this is a close relation to an oxymoron! Take comfort – the saucer is fine – you could do what we imagine The Queen does and pour your tea into the saucer and slurp it out of that.

Alternatively you could stick this pretty cup and saucer – dating from 1953 - at the back of your glass-fronted china cupboard with the damaged turned to the back and no one will know!

The cup is tea-cup sized and the saucer fits. The cup has a very serious crack right through it – visible in our photos. For those of you too lazy to look it up:  an oxymoron is a paradox usually reduced to two words used for effect,  or to emphasize contrasts and incongruities – examples include ‘eloquent silence,’ ‘inertly strong,’  ‘a wise fool,’  ‘jumbo shrimp,’ ‘silent scream,’ ‘military intelligence.’

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