A Drum shaped wooden box


... probably dating from the early 19th century

Just over 1 inch high and under 1½  inches across

Overlooked for years…it has a worn and torn label around it bearing the words STAMP OFFICE and DUTY THREE HALFPENCE

We would love to know what so small a box originally held – that attracted this sort of duty.

In a later life, a piece of perforated paper has been stuck on the lid – this has some curly red script on it that we have been unable to read –  then boldly across the middle someone has written Wafers – using a quill pen.

The lid is well fitting.

Inside the box there are small multicoloured disks that look as if they are indeed wafers – made of rice paper or some other starch.  We are loath to eat one to prove this theory and take no responsibility whatsoever if the purchaser does so and as a result grows hair in peculiar places – or some such.

We are asking a trifling sum for so old and interesting an object - however we will consider all serious offers.

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