Abdulla Turkish Cigarette box


Be impressed - be very impressed.  We challenge you to find another of these anywhere in the world.  Ephemera or what?

We suspect that this box that once held Abdulla cigs dates from 1917.  This is pure guesswork but that was the year that Abdulla and Co Ltd took over 173 New Bond Street from Fabergé which, if you think about it, might have been having a bit of a tough time on the sales front in Russia. And of course the lettering on this box has a slightly art nouveau tinge.

Made from glorious cardboard this magnificent box should have been consigned to the WPB shortly after purchase! But no – it lingered we know not where and now we offer it for sale. 

The added bonus is the contents: foiled paper - complete with free-range guarantee -plus a free bonus item that we are not licensed to sell.

Why is there one left?  We can only assume that the purchaser died of emphysema on the penultimate puff.

This box has seen better days.  Of course it has. What on earth do you expect? This is Cybergrot.com


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