A Couple of Crocs



Crocc (or crocca) is an Old English word meaning pitcher or pot

We at Cybergrot like to keep to the natural order of things. an orange should be orange, a horse, horse colour, (Franz Marc please take note) and so on. The person who made these clearly does not share our view. Wound around each scaly vase is a crocodile, coloured not slimy green, nor fetid brown, no shades of slurry, no turdy tones .. but a rather revolting pale purple. 

There must be a use for these delectable items wedding present for an Egyptian* perhaps?

5 inches high and in perfect condition

And for some really useful information about crocodiles look at The Book of Beasts in our bookworm department.

* Egyptians worship crocodiles as eny fule no (apologies to Nigel Molesworth)

The price is for the pair we will not separate them.


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