3 Dead Scorpions


3 Dead Scorpions in a Nasty Frame

 This choice item defies description.

3 dead (we promise) scorpions, badly glued onto a piece of slightly soiled card and then ineptly mounted in a crassly made and deeply unpleasant frame.

And to make matters worse, the ill-fitting glass has allowed bits of dust and grit to get in……

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……..

But just think of the wonderful things you could do with this…….

It would perhaps make the perfect wedding present for your ex – for example? You could wrap it as a tombola prize for the school fete!  Or you could try eating them – apparently scorpions taste vaguely fishy …… though these ones may be a bit too dessicated…….. If you do, we take no responsibility for the consequences

18 x 16cms (that’s the size of the frame – not the scorpions)

Free postage to anywhere in the world.

Sold Out
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