An Interesting Map


Jolly interesting this

It’s an ordnance survey map on paper probably dating from the 1930s.  It has been overprinted in red. 

"Was heißt der zusätzliche Aufdruck in Rot?" we hear you cry.

Well now we are really glad you asked that question.  Up in the top left hand corner is the word Fliegerausgabe (pilot's edition as any fool knows).

A map of southern England for German pilots!

“Sehr interessant”

The condition is also very interesting as it has been well and truly nibbled – especially along the folds. (Our money is on woodlice).

And the paper itself is parlously delicate as you would expect.

There is almost undoubtedly some German-pilot-map-expert out there who will tell us we are completely wrong.  If you are that person, instead of ranting to your friends about the pig-ignorance to be found on the internet these days, write and tell us just what it is we have got here.  Danke



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