A six glass thingy


This is a sort of stand thingy made of EPNS*

It holds 6 glasses (see below) and there are places where we think spoons (?) may have hung. 

Four of the glasses we believe to be original: they are prettily engraved with swags of ribbons and leaves. The other two are plain and do not match – these are inferior replacements.

What was this thing for? We, who are usually the fount of all knowledge, have not got the foggiest. We suggest you buy it and take it along to the antiques road show – get yourself on the telly. 

It has plenty of marks on the base. R P L and a couple of crossed tomahawk axes – we have not managed to track these down.

We are far too busy to clean it –we have not even washed the glasses so you get it in its natural state but we guarantee that there are no dead spiders or woodlice included – no, not one.

Date? We guess around 1912 but it could well be older.

The base is about 9 inches long, the old glasses are about 2½ inches high.

We feel that £24 is a fair price for this – but we will consider offers. 


*EPNS stands for electroplated nickel silver.

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