A Jubilee Brooch



This little brooch dates from 1935.  It shows King George V and Queen Mary and it commemorates their silver jubilee – it has the legend Silver Jubilee on it… so that’s pretty definitive isn’t it?

We wish we could tell you that this was a platinum brooch, containing a tiny miniature painted on a piece of ivory. Alas, we cannot do so for it would not be true.. This is a small printed image in a slightly rusty setting …

As a piece of social history it is priceless – however we are asking a mere £4 – so come on you royal memorabilia collectors out there – we bet you have not got one of these!


The imagery puts us in mind of a certain Limerick:

There once were two persons of taste

who were beautiful down to the waist

so they limited love

to the regions above

and thus remained perfectly chaste.


George V reigned from 1910 – 1936. He changed the family surname from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to the less German-sounding Windsor during the first World War. He and his wife had several children thus proving that our limerick is totally inappropriate in this instance.


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