Book Ends


These quite-well-made wooden book ends have a distinctly nautical theme.

Shipís-steering-wheel-type-thingy.We donít know what is called Ö. Doubtless some outraged Captain Crow's Nest or Saucy Nancy will supply the necessary in a suitably superior way.

Nautical Öbut nice you might say.* (If thatís not enough to make a grown man groan we donít know what is)

We guess they date from the 1950s, 60s, 70s or 80s (we are allowing a fairly wide margin of error here Ė we donít want to become wrecked on the rocks of mis-information) and they are in perfect, if grubby condition.

6Ĺ inches high.

The price is for the pair...

* If you donít understand that joke, ask an old personÖ

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