A silver sugar bowl



Oh my goodness…. Is it?  No?   It can’t be…. Yes it is!  It’s Silver…. The real thing…. What could be more elegant when taking tea (English style) than this sugar bowl piled high with lump-sugar?….  Sugar tongs will be needed and sadly we have already sold ours…. But keep looking we may get some more….

So where’s the snag?  Well someone’s butler or housekeeper has been so assiduous in their polishing that they have rubbed the hall-marks clean away so that they are visible but no longer legible….. So we must try to date it on style….

What do you think?  We reckon it’s of a distinctly of a neo-classical persuasion and we are guessing a date of about 1820-40?  If it were a race horse one might describe it as Grecian Urn out of Scottish Quaich perhaps?

Whatever, if you subscribe to the notion that ‘Beauty is truth, truth beauty’ you are very silly because we don’t know the truth about this and yet it is still beautiful

So if you have a ‘burning forehead, and a parching tongue’ go and put the kettle on and an elegant English cuppa will put all to rights…

And eat some toast for Keats while you are at it…

It is 3 inches in diameter and sports the odd small dent commensurate with its age…


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