A Bread Dish



Just imagine your dinner party….the guttering candles to detract from the smell of burning emanating from the kitchen,  the strategically placed mats to cover the stains on the table cloth, … you know the kind of thing…….. Well why not distract your guests attention by handing round the bread (that you cut up too early and that has already gone stale) in this?  It’s a delightful American pewter style bread dish.  We say pewter style advisedly having been given to understand that a special aluminium based alloy was used that looks like pewter but is not toxic.  True pewter, as any fool knows, is jam packed with lead and should not be used for culinary purpose.

  x 6¾  inches

Base marks read Wilton–Columbia PA USA and there are two stamps: RWP

(We have a real pewter tankard or two on this site but for the life of us we can’t remember where….)


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