A small fish to hang round your neck



If you know someone of a piscatorial bent* this charming little articulated fish could be the most perfect stocking filler….

Crafted in gold-style metal cheerily enamelled in red and blue, the tail area is composed of segments which allow a certain amount of wriggly movement.
It is on a short gold coloured metal chain (about 15 inches long) that will reach around a not too fat neck…

The fish is wee – about ¾ of an inch in length. 

*We don’t want any misunderstandings here – we are not asking if you know any bent Episcopalians*– that is a different question entirely and one to which we do not wish to know the answer


*The word episcopal is derived from the Greek επισκοπος epískopos, which literally means "overseer". We reckon our little fish is an under sea – er.

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