A Cod Piece


This small articulated fish is made of white metal and abalone shell. Its mouth is gaping and we think you might be able to open beer type bottles with it; however as such beverages never pass our lips we are not in a position to test this out.

We have it on good authority that it was given to a sweet young lady in the 1960s by an aged high court judge in the hope that she would smile on his amorous ambitions rather than at them. His high-courting hopes came to naught and the aforementioned young lady did not return the fish. 

The Moral: if you aspire to win the favours of a nubile and innocent young woman, a bunch of flowers is generally smiled upon – small fish are not.

Cod-ition good although the odd bit of shell is missing from the tail… Length 3 inches

For more moral tales – see La Fontaine’s Fables in the bookworm section.

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