A Card Game


This is a really awful card game. 

Do remember Happy Families? Mr Bun the Baker and all that stuff?  … Shuffle the cards, deal them all out among the players, try to collect the whole Bun family and so on (yawn).  At least the cards were coloured and the family members depicted were funny.  This is an Oh-So-Serious version of the same game: Famous Literary Celebrities.  The ‘families’ are things like ‘Italian Poets’ ‘Russian Novelists’ and so on.  The cards are attractively illustrated (see photos below) in glorious black and white – and – wait for this girls – every single one of the 48 cards is of a man.  And the denouement?   The game and the instructions are in French. (Merde alors!)

We are not sure of the date of this game or what the point was.  Was this done in the name of education? If so, it was clearly the work of a fact-idiot. But we hope and trust not.

So having bought this game what are you going to do with it?  Well first of all you will need to mend the box – a bit of sticky tape should suffice.  Then we suggest you give it away as quickly as possible, preferably to someone you don’t mind never seeing again.

P.S. Incidentally, the instructions have a hole in them.

Sold Out

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