A Thingy


What’s This?

It is made of marble

It looks like a book

It is about 3 x 4 inches

On one side is carved IHS*

On the other A.M 1911 is carved and gilded.

It has one or two small chips – but otherwise it is in good condition.

We think it might be a paper-weight – but whatever it is for, it feels nice, it is nice and it would make a nice present for an Archibald Molesworth or an Amaryllis Mountain provided he or she was of a Christian persuasion. (One Mifs Mountain appears elsewhere on this site having made a visit to an apothecary – have you found her yet?)

* Footnote for the rusty of brain. IHS is a monogram: it is an anglicised rendering of the first 3 letters of the word for Jesus in Greek.

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