A First World War Postcard


by Bruce Bairnsfather. 

Unused - in reasonable condition for age.

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From “Bystander’s” Fragments from France:


Sentry: “’Alt! Who goes there?”

He of the Bundles: “You shut yer ___________ mouth, or I’ll come and knock yer _______ head off!” 

Sentry: “Pass, friend!”


Bruce Bairnsfather (1888 – 1959) having been trained first as a soldier and then as an artist, joined up at the outbreak of the First World War and fought on the Western Front as a Captain in charge of a machine gun section. While there he drew pictures of trench life and from 1915 these began appearing in The Bystander Magazine. They were immensely popular with the troops. He took part in the 2nd battle of Ypres where he was both gassed and badly wounded in a shell explosion. Hospitalised in England, he continued to produce weekly drawings for The Bystander some of which were turned into a books (e.g. Fragments from France) and postcards.

For those of you interested in First World War memorabilia we are also selling a copy of Wipers Times in the section for Bookworms, plus an example of Trench Art made out of an old Howitzer shell case. It is around the site somewhere – we saw it only last week, but we just can’t remember where we have put it. There are also lots of other postcards scattered around the shop.

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