A Fireman's Helmet


This has to be the fashion accessory of the year.  Ooh how stylish.  You could wear it to ladies' day at Ascot, to your daughter’s wedding, or to that garden party at the Palace. The possibilities are endless and we can guarantee there is no chance whatsoever of anyone else turning up in one similar.

This fireman’s helmet is made, not as one might hope, of nicely polished brass, but of ‘composition’ and covered with ‘stuff’. (Composition is one of those words that people use when they don’t know what something is made of and stuff is another word for cloth of indeterminate sort.)  On the front are the letters WFB with an oh-so-useful small hole over.  FB stands for Fire Brigade of course and we have been given to understand that the W is for Wadebridge but you don’t need to believe this.  If you live in Woking or Wendover or wherever you could claim it as your own and no one would be the wiser – unless of course they had spotted it on Cybergrot.com.

However if you know someone whose initials are WFB what more perfect present than this?   Imagine their face as they un-wrap the intriguingly shaped parcel that they have been eyeing for days under the spreading Christmas tree!

Size: small. Condition: worn and dusty.

Caution: flammable – keep away from fire.

Sartorial elegance does not come cheap and we reckon the asking price for this is very realistic. If you think otherwise why not visit our Manager's Office where you will find our price negotiator?


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