A furry purse


A Child’s Purse c.1870

This little furry purse belonged to one Annie Paley who was born in the UK in 1860. It is an object of some quality but seems to have been not used much. 

There are several possible explanations for this:

She hated it so much she didn’t want to use it

She liked it so much she didn’t want to spoil it or lose it

She lost it

The note inside that told us who owned it also said it was made of sealskin. We would argue that this is not so… Seals in our experience have fairly coarse hair…. (We are willing to be corrected on this – our first-hand experience of seals is somewhat limited). Whatever, this purse is covered with the softest dark brown fur. A bunny rabbit maybe, or pussy cat or little mole or two died so that this purse could come into existence.

Inside, there are seven compartments – we have put the odd surprise in there for you to find!. The fittings appear to be silver (probably not though as there is no hallmark) and the dark maroon interior is silk or satin or something. The overall condition is quite good although the fur looks a bit rubbed or moth-eaten in places – please see photos of front and back – this shows it quite clearly.

We don’t recommend using this purse – or giving it to a child – it is the sort of thing that should end up in a museum where there are reconstructions of Victorian life or somesuch.

Length about 3½ inches, width about 2½ inches.

If you discuss the price with our negotiator, make sure you pursevere.  (For pedants: that's a pun not a spelling mistake.)

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